1932 FORD Chop Top 3-window

Below are some pictures of my old '32.  I never finished this project, it got sold to someone who thought they could finish it up by them self.  Here are a few pictures for your amusement, enjoy!

Here is the completed chassis......  'nuf said!

Above are some before and after pix of the frame.  160 man-hours went into metalwork on the frame alone.  Whomever originally built this did a terrible job as you can see (above picture).  I would guess that most car bodies don't look as nice as this frame does.

The above pictures show the finished chassis with all the brake and fuel lines plumbed in along with the motor, transmission, exhaust and rear end.

Here my old business partner is mounting the fuel tank.  Cool chassis, eh?

This was the first time the body was fitted after more hours than I care to think about....  Looks great, but this is when our customer ran out of funds.......  I ended up selling it to a guy in Florida after trying to sell the remainder of the job for a few months, he insisted on finishing her up by himself.  I was sad to see it go after so much work and aggravation......

Here we are at the San Luis Roadster Show in SLO, Ca showing off the '32 - it got us a LOT of attention wherever we went..  My BLOB sheetmetal is on the table in the background.

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