DATE: 7 / 2 / 98

REA: WSMC Round #6 (6/20-21)

Greetings all ~ WHEW things have been BUSY for me lately! Last weekend I raced at Willow Springs once again with high hopes of decimating the field with my "new" and now hopefully repaired and very strong running motor..... But things don't always work out exactly how I plan.....

I get there sat morning and set up with all my pals in a HUGE shaded area we fashioned out of our 4 shade tents. I go out and get going and immediately my bike is cutting out and doesn't have very much power. Recal that last weekend's adventures had me running a motor that was about to self destruct because of a mis-aligned balancer, so I didn't get to race. I had corrected that problem and went through the thing, now it was time to jet it. I went fatter and it made it worse. I came in and leaned it, it got better so I leaned it more. I used my hole day getting the thing to get a little better and not cut out~it was REAL strong up top but I was seriously underpowered in the midrange. Anyway, I got one good practice session at the end of the day and decided to leave it alone for sunday fearing making it worse.....

Sunday and I do my practice sessions, now the clutch starts slipping ever so slightly so I come in early so I don't kill anything.... MAN, I GOTTA race and get some badly needed points..... Anyhow, the 500 Singles race is off and because I fear spinning the clutch too much at the line, I get this monster wheelie, carry it forever, am 2nd into T1, into the lead by T2 and there I stay for 3 laps...... Then T7 looms and I shift into 5th gear and....... no clutch. My motor spins madly and Carlin and Danny get by. I'm off the throttle and it hooks up, I get around them in T2 again and the same thing repeats itself. I think, man, I really gotta fly on the last lap to maintain the lead and the clutch BETTER work! I gotta WIN!!!!... But.... 3rd is where I end up as the clutch absolutely didn't hold the motor on that last lap.

Oh well, I tried. Formula Singles is next and off I go babying the clutch. I'm going slower and I don't have any problems until the last 2 laps when the competitive side of me doesn't allow a slower rider that I have never even seen besides on the starting line gets by.... 5th is where I end up. I also netted 5th in the Lightweight Vintage Dinosaur class later in the day, same drill.....

I'm putting in a new clutch and will be at the track Friday working on jetting once again. This weekend is a double points weekend so the presure is on once more if I'm going to take this championship...

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