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DATE: April 5, 1999
REA: AHRMA Corsa Moto Classica at Willow Springs

Hello all!

This past weekend I got to race again at Willow Springs but this time with the AHRMA vintage race series. I arrived early saturday morning to gale force winds and extreme cold, so unloading the bike was really a chore as my hands went numb pretty quickly. I went out for practice and tried to stay warm.... After our rider's meeting, I discovered that the AHRMA officials put both the Supermono 1 and Supermono 2 races together in one wave.... That really sucked as I wanted to race 2 times, not just get scored in 2 races. I suggested changes and was told that they would be considered for Sunday but no changes today.

I'm gridded up in Supermono 2, on the last row, 2nd wave. About 75 feet behind the Supermono 1 guys. The flag drops and I get my patented holeshot and am 3rd into Turn 1 out of both waves! I got to play around with Jack Silverman towards the end of the race but I got him at the end for 4th in Supermono 2. I didn't even SEE anyone from the Supermono 2 race and won that class with ease.

Saturday was the concours and I had brought the Bultaco GTS250 Metralla that I recently restored for a customer and the beauty won 1st place in the European class! Saturday was a good day for me!

Sunday the weather improved with little breeze and moderate temps. The racing was faster and everyone was in a better mood. I spooned on a new set of tires and out for practice I go. I opted for one full practice session to scuff in the tires and then just 2 laps in the 2nd... I figured that I didn't really need to go out and abuse the machinery any more that I had to.... Also, not going out kept the "outsiders" from following me around and picking up on "the" race line (according to Steve).

Anyhow, I tried my best but again could only manage 4th place in the Supermono 1 race.... Later in the day, I gridded up for the Supermono 2 race and led the thing unchallenged flag to flag. I beat everone by about 20 seconds including the AHRMA SOS #1 plate holder.... He and the rest of the gang will be out for a rematch at Sears in 2 weeks for sure!

2 wins, 2 4ths and best of class in the show... WHEW! Quite a weekend! I'll race again this weekend in regular WSMC competition and the next weekend at Sears Point in the AMA/AHRMA "Sonomafest". CYA there!


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