DATE: April 29, 1997

REA: AHRMA event @ WSIR, 4/26-28 - this is a national vintage race series...

Those of you who have never attended an AHRMA event NEED to. The atmosphere was really laid back and EVERYONE was cool. There were only 4 crashes the whole damn weekend (fri-sun). Lots of really far out bikes with really far out price tags..... and me on my ASCOT.

Hung out in the silverman museum pit all weekend. Jack had major delimas with his supermono and was pissed he couldn't race. Vicky cleaned up in the 125 race.. These are VERY nice people. Jack had his 955, 996 and supermono for all to drool over.

Anyway, the racing was fabulous and I think that the last two weekends have been the most exciting race weekend that I have ever had. I entered the SOS F-2 and the SOS F-1 (both days). In saturday's F-2, I got *confused* and was looking at my rear tire when everyone took the green flag - oh well, I have people to pass now.... I worked my way up to the bare bones guys on rotaxes and there is where the fun began. The #19 guy was superior and I never could get around him but the #1 guy would dog into T9 and I would get hin around the outside each lap and hold him off until T7 and there he'd go (until T9 again.....). Any way, On the last lap, went in as hot as he could and stayed WAY wide blocking my line of sight around him so all I could do was just sit there beside him around the corner and didn't get squat for a drive. He just motored that Rotax away for the checker taking 3rd and me relagated to 4th.

Sunday, I had a plan. I got the start of my life and went into T1 in 2nd place where I stayed the whole first lap and then......


Restart didn't go so well and I was like 5th or so in T1 and up to 2nd by T2 exit. Stayed there until the bare bones guy (#19) sliced across my front wheel in T6 and scared the you know what outta me. I really put my head down thinking that other rotax (#1) would come up to say howdy soon but it didn't happen. I chased Trevor and the #19 guy from a distance and it turned out I was ALL by myself the whole race, slidin the ASCOT around the Omega thinkin he was on my wheel....... Sunday got a 3rd in F2.

I also raced the ASCOT in the SOS F-1 class, never seen so many rotaxes and supermonos in one place before. Both days had excellent races with this guy on a 700cc suzuki (lots of power, can't go around corners), my buddy Stu on a 650cc Honda and *robo doc* on a rotax. We swapped places everywhere. Sat I got 13th and prevailed the group, sunday, I got 14th and they (except outta control, big bore kit rookie can't go around corners but sure knows how to squirt up the inside and bang into you) stayed ahead. Guess I wasn't properly *moto-vated* The tower yacked the whole race about *our* race as the rest of the bunch was apparently just (yawn) tooling about single file like while we duked it out.

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