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DATE: April 27, 1998

REA: AHRMA Sears Point april 24-26

After crashing hard last weekend at Willow Springs, my bike and body were bruised and getting both ready and up to The Point by friday morning turned out to be quite a chore.... But I left Los Osos at 2:30am and was riding in my first practice session of the day. I love Sears Point!

Saturday ~ SUPERMONO 2

......had me chasing the leader but not really within sight so 2nd is what I got.

Saturday ~ SUPERMONO

.....was real fun also as I got to see those REAL racebikes real up close and personal like as they FLEW by on the outside of the carosel once the slicks got warm.... was in 4th for most of the race until this guy on a Duc supermono got around me.. I followed him and slowly reeled him back in for the last lap stuff up the inside of T11.... I had the drive and he had the supermono.... nuf said! 5th is where I stayed then

Sunday ~ SUPERMONO 2

.....was the MOST fun all weekend that I had. Greg (who rides a TZ framed 500) and I had discussed strategy and fun B-4 hand so he slowed up a bit so we could dice around and put on a show for the crowd. I stuffed him a couple of times and and he returned the favour.... Oh what fun it is to ride! I think that even though he is 2-3 seconds per lap faster than I, he didn't quite fully understand my desire to beat him so I know he was surprised when I FLEW around him B-4 T7 and got another breif go at the lead.... Anyway, friends told us that the announcer was going ballistic and sounding like he was gonna have a heart attack with each of our lead swapping antics! So.... I got 2nd again, but this time I wasn't REAL far back.... 3rd was REAL far back.......


I had spoken with the supermono guy and he said that I now had a target on my back. I told him that would be OK, but that it wouldn't do him any good as he would be at the opposite end of the track when I crossed the line heh heh heh..... Jeff Nash got the hole shot with yours truely right on his ass. I didn't see anyone's wheel until I came out of T4 and was setting up for the carrosel when Joe A came screaming up on Brian's spondon wonder bike and off he went. Again, it a REAL joy to be hauling ASS on a raggity old ASCOT with both wheels never on the ground in the same instant and have Jeff, Joe, Greg etc sail past looking silky smooth on a bike like what I dream of someday owning. Someday... Anyway, then went Greg on the next lap, then some guy on something else.... Then I see Joe standing up on the outside of T7 next to Brian's Spondon. Bummer. But now I'm in 4th and my head is down. Crossed flags and I notice that my foot is slipping off the peg. 5th lap and it is getting bothersome. Lap 6 and now it snapps off the peg everytime I turn left. I'm concerned now so try to sneak a peak coming outta T2 and notice oil on the pipe. going around T3a I light up the rear... OOPS! 4 is the same. Now every right hander has me spinning. Now I REAL concerned. I don't want mr supermono to get by but I don't want to crash eithor.. I'm hanging WAY off the bike to try to keep it more upright etc and trying to still go at a good clip...... Lap 8 is like REAL scarey and I cross the line still in 4th and then pull off the track so I won't oil it (further).

This is how stupid I am...... 15 mins B-4 the race I decide to empty my oil overflw where the breather tubes feed into. I pull out the first tube and then some "get distracted" heh heh and well, that's as far as it got. So it's final call and off I go with the largest tube dangeling. So I spew oil all over the place. DUH! And get to ride back to my pit where all my adoring fans are worridly awaiting for my return...... <G>

Oh what fun it is to ride....... Next race is this weekend at AHRMA moto classica (willow springs) CYA there!

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