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DATE: May 7, 1998

REA: AHRMA at Willow Springs

Well, after my crash there 3 weekends ago, I WAS SCARED! Wierd. VERY wierd......

I was all set to get up at 3:15AM and get there by first practice but NO! My alarm is set RIGHT by my face at FULL BLAST and it stays cranking for 20 mins and I STILL don't even wake up.... So I roll outta bed at 7:15, after an "OH MY GAWD" I slam -put hair on yer chest- coffee and drive.

No practice. No warm up. Just a green flag dropping.

"Practice? I doneed no steekin practice" I'm glad to have prearranged to pit with the Silverman Museum crew so I basically had to unload my bike and roll it under the tent, suit up and race.. Krash, Greg Kersten, Mark Cummings, Jack Silverman & Marisa, Jeff Nash, Scott the mechanic and I made quite a group of friends, speaking of, isn't it FUN to pit/race with your buds?

Supermono 2 on saturday I'm all alone and cross the line 300 yds behind 2nd. Supermono 1 and I chase Jack and Mark on their supermonos but I'm no threat and end up with 7th.....

Sunday I get out for 1 practice and Supermono 2 is gonna be good. I'm alert, I'm ready, the green flag drops and I'm off... Kinda slow start for me but I end up in the lead into T1. But, I get ahead of myself..... Off the line a certain fellow competitor comes up alongside and does the backward wave thang like 3 times. At the apex of 1 I'm in front as I just stuffed it up the inside and and going to get a real tight exit which I'm prepared to do. Said competitor takes his left leg OFF the peg and kicks at me then proceeds to put his motor to good use and proceeds to not be satisfied with simply passing me, he's gotta chop across my wheel to occupy the space that I'm getting to.... A real "Richard Cranium" (think about it!) move for sure. I have to get off the gas and hit the brakes to NOT slam into the kind gentleman..... Anyway, Greg Kerstin gets ahead on his TZ framed 500 so once again, I am in 3rd across the line. SHEESH! note, I
protested to the powers to be and got a "Would you have beat hhim if he hadn't done it?" but that was followed up with a talking to etc and really, the whole damn class saw it happen as it is T1 on the first lap.... Said gentleman states that his foot slipped off the peg. Now, he's pissed at me for complaining. Yea, RIGHT!

Supermono 1 is destined to be a good one (sound familiar?). Mark Cummins and I have been ribbing eachother all day. I vow to make things difficult for him once again (I beat him day 2 at sears last weekend after he beat me by a knat's lash saturday..) Anyway, I make myself as wide as I can to
hold him up and when he finally makes use of the supermono power coming outta T6, he then proceeds to make use of the supermono throttle (shut down) in T8 and I make a close FLY BY and get like WAY ahead into T9.... REPEAT for next few laps.... Anyhow, it was real fun as he keeps showing me his wheel then he gets by and really moves out and I can't catch him after a VERY slight bobble on my part (close scrutiny later revealed that I had sucked the foam right outta my seat on that one) so I end up same as
yesterday - 7th place. Best race I've had all week. We really had a go of it and that's what it is all about now, isn't it? Good people having good fun! We must've relived that race for the next 45 mins non stop (we were pitting together)...

Yesterday I tore the motor down and have a cracked head. (some of you have suspected that I've had that problem for years) I got 2 weeks until WSMC to finish up my "danny killer" motor. Rumer has it that after the last WSMC stomping, he tore his motor down to get a new and improved "keep Steve from
kicking my butt" motor going for himself....... Time will tell. Oh what fun it is to ride..... CYA L8R!

STEVE ALLEN aka Frogman, AHRMA #100, WSMC #18

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