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DATE: September 1, 1997

REA: AHRMA Vintage Races at SEARS POINT, Augest 22-24


Sears Point is REAL FUN if you've never been there...... Last weekend was my first time ON the track. I went up for the friday practice and it was a chore to figure out where each corner is and where it leads to. Most of them are blind and seemingly off camber etc. The track itself is SLIPPERY and the old FT500 was squirming around all over the place! After lunch I felt that I had gotten a handle as to WHERE the track went so I started noticing other things like the armco and concrete wall that line the track. Now the track is seeming REAL narrow.......

Saturday is beautiful and I'm ready to RACE! A practice session and then I race the Supermono, where I am horribly outclassed running (chasing?) Ducati's, Rotax's etc. I'm on the only Ascot and also on the cheapest bike by more than $15K. So last place is alright, at least I didn't get lapped. I figured that the extra track time was worth it! Race #2 for me is the Sound of Singles Formula Two where I am in the hunt. I net 6th place out of 13 riders. I'm now doing 2:10's and feeling like I can shave more time off here and there as I continue to learn the track.

Sunday and another beautiful day! I was late and didn't get my coffee so as I walked my bike down to tech, I lost my balance when one of my buddies girlfriend started heckeling me and I fell over. I DID get a standing ovation from about 40 racers and spectators who had witnessed the ordeal. Anyway, I took this as a good omen, it's good to get a crash in every now and again, especially a slow speed one as opposed to the 145 mph ones out on the track..... Anyway, we get 2 practice sessions today and my times drop down to 2:07's. Supermono is the same, last place but I'm really in a dogfight with a guy on a DUBBS rotax. I came within 3 feet of him at the flag (my front wheel was with his rear wheel). I would face him again in SOS F2 and kick his butt. My times dropped to a best of 2:05.6 in that race and I was a coupla hunderd feet behind 5th place (Mark Hatten who is currently 2nd in AHRMA SOS F2 points) and a third of a track in front of 7th (DUBBS Rotax rider). All by myself and wringing the piss out of the old ASCOT thinking the DUBBS guy was going to motor by me at any time. Oh well, no need to put the wear on it but I wasn't about to look back.....

As they say, "Racing old bikes is a kick in the ass". AHRMA (American Historic Racing Motorcycle Association) is a national points series and I was very pleased with my 6th place finishes. Recall that back in the April AHRMA round at Willow Springs, I placed 4th and 3rd in the same class beating Norm Lastovica who is the #1 plate holder in SOS F2. All in all, a VERY fun weekend of racing and seeing old friends. Also, my father and brother were onhand for the festivities. My mom has trouble even admitting the I race these things so I didn't expect to see her, but family support is real cool and it was nice to finally get SOMEONE from my family at the race track...


Next race at WILLOW SPRINGS INTERNATIONAL RACEWAY is Round 9, September 20-21.

Hope to see you there! Thanks for your time.

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