DATE: October 20, 1997

REA: WSMC Round #10 (10/18-19)

Hello all! I had an interesting weekend as last month as I somehow managed to cold seize my ASCOT motor and had to do a last min rebuild on it. I finished assembly last friday night at 10 pm and headed out to the track not knowing if the thing was going to run or not..... It did, but I had a miserable time shifting all weekend and really was surprised to be able to still be somewhat in the hunt come race day.

I did manage to still finish 2nd on the 500 Singles race and was shocked that there was no one in sight behind me when I crossed the line. I guess my new motor WORKS! I don't know if I have a chance at the championship now unless Danny misses or crashes out the remaining races.... The Vintage Dinosaurs race was alot of fun and I managed 6th place and then 8th in the Formula Singles race despite the shifting gremlins.

On my superbike, I netted 15th in the Toyota Gold Cup Unlimited Formula 1 Grand Prix. It turned out to be a regular crash fest with 6 riders crashing out causing 2 red flags and 2 restarts. Running around in last place does have it's advantages! The second crash happened 10 feet in front of me coming into T5. I avoided the carnage and stayed upright. It is really something to see a 400 lb motorcycle tumbling ass over tea kettle 20 feet in the air!

I am still in 20th place overall in the WSMC Track Championship Points, 2nd in the 500 Singles and 5th in the Formula Singles points races.

Next race at WILLOW SPRINGS INTERNATIONAL RACEWAY is Round 11, 11/15-16.

Hope to see you there! Thanks for your time.


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