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DATE: October 18, 1999
REA: WSMC Round #10

Hello all, Finally a race report in the same month as the race! What can I say, the 24 hr race kicked my butt time-wise and it seemed that all of my spare time was occupied getting things ready for that race weekend.... Anyways, here is my WSMC report, I am going to get the 24 hr race report ready soon!

As you may have noticed, the last 4 months my results have slipped back and I have not been able to preform up to my usual pace.... I know why at this point! Last wednesday morning I discovered that the black box on the Ascot had a different number then my spares so I switched it out. Keep in mind that I have replaced all of the other componants, rebuilt the top end needlessly and spend endless wasted time changing carburation trying to find a combination for this new motor. My last one was an absolute rocket and I have been dissappointed with this one to say the least....

Sunday morning I arrive and when I fire up the motor, I immediately know that things are different. I go out and the stumbling problem is only evident in 2 areas of the track. First race is 500 Singles. Larry is nowhere in sight (behind me) and I am able to play with Scott, Paul and Kelly throughtout. Paul is on fire and wins the race, I net 4th and I am totally excited that my motor now has hope.... I lean out the main and get ready for the next race.

Formula Singles has a huge crowd and we all are riding within 100 yards or so of eachother front to back. I have fun and my motor is working better (revving higher) than last race but still not really pulling. I settle for 8th and go back to the carb for some more tweaking....

Lightweight Vintage starts and off we go. My motor is now starting to pull and will rev pretty well. I know that I have made some good progress and have a great time hanging on. Kelly gets by me and on the last lap in T9 I pull up alongside him on the outside setting up my move... But then remember that he is a relatively new rider and sinse he doesn't know I'm there, decide to drop back on his wheel for a draft move to the checkers. It was great fun! The kid is really learning to ride and I'm chuckling so hard that I blow my shift and miss my chance! I ended up 5th but know there is always next month and besides, I now have my motor back. A bit more tweaking is all that I will need to find my power once more.....

Next race is November 21 at Willow Springs. It is also a double points weekend. CYA There!


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