DATE: November 17, 1997

REA: WSMC Round #11 (11/15-16) and "Crashing STILL sucks"

WOW what a DAY! I got out to the track sunday am, unloaded the bikes, signed in and went through tech inspection without a hitch. I was feeling great ~ it wasn't that cold and the sky was clearing after saturday's storms. First coupla practice sessions went by smoothly and I really noticed that my ASCOT was running strong after the rebuild and it was shifting flawlessly now that I fixed those problems. The GSX-R750 seems to be slowly becoming my friend once again and I elected to take it out for both the "open" practices.

My first race was scheduled to be race #4, Vintage Dinosaurs. I relaxed after the rider's meeting and ate some food. Seems like time REALLY flies when you are doing something or are at some place that really excites you..... I suited up and went out for the sighting lap. The green flag dropped and I really got a good start. I was in 5th place, hanging with the KZ1000 crowd. Usually, I'm back in 12th and have to fight my way up. Those guys were right in front of me and I was having a pretty good time when this guy on a KZ1000 comes outta T9 with like 30mph on me. I try to catch his draft as he goes by and all of a sudden we are in T1 and he sits up and brakes WAY early and I just about give him a 600 lb enema. I dive in and rail up the inside to make a clean pass. I stay out in front until T6 and there he goes by again, only to *stop* in T9. I pass him again and (insert previous sentance here). We do this for 3 laps and on the last 2, there is this waving yellow flag (no passing) from T1 until T3 so I'm trying to figure out how far back to stay so I can pass him EXACTLY when I have the green....

It works and we repeat the same once more but this time I don't see the waving yellow so I figure that I should pass him in T2 and just hold him off to the checkers..... He had different plans. I DID in fact pass him real cleanly in T2 obout halfway around and was out front on the exit when WHAM! I fell this guy's front wheel run over my thigh (remember that I'm leaning WAYYYY over with my knee on the deck..) and there he is, running into me because the pea-brain decides to try to turn it in sharper and take ME on the inside. He couldn't turn the damn thing in so he T-bones me and our bikes tangle. I down shift and grab some throttle and he doesn't know that we are stuck and does the same. If he had simply gotten off the gas or hit the brakes, we would have been free. He drug me on my bike 150 yards all the way up to T3 before we went off the track. I didn't want to put body parts (mine, duh!) into his chain/sprocket or rear wheel, so I jumped off the back of the bike ~ at over 100 mph.

OUCH! My bike is totaled, I'm kinda sore but not broken, my leathers are ripped up..... My day is over, or is it? Nap time and take some ALEVE. I eat and what do you know? It's almost time for the F-1 race..... I suit up, borrowing boots and gloves and vow to come in if I can't ride..... Whew what a race! I felt no pain when the green flag dropped, right up until the checkers then, I felt pain again! I didn't come in last place and I got another drawing entry for the CBR900RR so I guess things were going OK. My lap times were consistantly what I ran 2 months ago.

So, in the Toyota Gold Cup Unlimited Formula 1 Grand Prix, I netted 19th place. I was ranked 19th overall (previous to this weekend) in the WSMC championship points and despite not being able to race the 500 Singles class sunday, remain firmly in 2nd place. Hopefully I won't fall too far back in the overall standings after this weekend.

As they say "that's racin!" I am not broken, just sore. I've located 2 Ascots already so I will have another one together by the December races. Thanks for your time, CYA L8R!

Next race at WILLOW SPRINGS INTERNATIONAL RACEWAY is Round 12, Dec 20-21.

Hope to see you there! Thanks for your time.

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