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DATE: November 28, 1999
REA: WSMC Round #11, 1999.

Hello all, This weekend was a real treat as I finally got the motor so that it pulls and feels like it has power. Now, all I have to do is remember how to ride the thing fast! Saturday practice was skipped and we almost missed racing as my van overheated on The Grapevine causing tonnes of anxiety and wasting precious time trying to correct.

We arrived missing the first round of practice but managed to get it together for the second, scrubbing in my new Avons and Galfer "greens". All three of my races were before lunch so I wasn't able to make any changes between practice and the first 2 races, bummer!

First race was 500 Singles and I got the hole shot, actually passing most of the 650 Singles (who started off 2 rows ahead) before Turn 1. I led our race and secured the lead of both groups going into T9 then INSTANT PUCKER!!!! I dunno what exactly happened, but my right foot came off the peg at the apex and I went careening off towards certain soil sampling but managed to save it staying on the pavement. About 5 guys went sailing past exiting the turn. WHEW! THAT WAS EXCITING! But, it took me quite a while to get it all back together. Seems that I am now going WAY faster than I have in months (but close to where I was in the beginning of the year) and got all confused in the process! I ended up in 4th place after an excellent battle with Paul.

Second race for me (Formula Singles) is #3 on the schedule so there is no time to make any changes, just gas and a drink of water. This race was absolutely epic. We had our own race and didn't have to share the track with anyone. Besides that, all of us thundered around real close together often going 3 or 4 wide through the corners! Great Fun Indeed as there were something like 20 guys entered. I ended up in 5th position for this race.

I had a half hour before Vintage Lightweight and finally got to tweak my jetting some more and luckily went in the right direction! The change I made got my bike into T1 in 2nd place at the start and I was able to battle with Danny over 3rd throughout the race. I made a desperate move up the inside in T3 and was so astonished (and sorry?) for stuffing Danny that he easily got back by in T6 and held me off to the checkers. RATS! 4th place and another weekend without a trophy. Oh well, my motor is really working well and there is still another round in the season. Next race is Dec 19. I am currently ranked 21st overall, 3rd in 500 & Formula Singles, 4th in Lightweight Vintage.

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