DATE: December 22, 1997

REA: WSMC Round #12 (12/20-21) and "What a great year this has been"

First of all, I'd like to thank all of you for your help in 1997. This has been my most successful race season ever and I couldn't have done it without the help that I received from each of you. This weekend was REAL cold and I had bunches of things to figure out. The Ascot was pretty much a new bike (remember that I broke it in 2 last month) so it needed sorting and I had also made sweeping changes on the Superbike's suspension. So I knew that it would be real interesting....

Saturday's cold greatly affected the suspension on both bikes but none the less I was able to drop off some time on the big bike so I know that I went the right direction with those changes. The Ascot took some time to sort out starting with lap #2 having the right clip-on literally come off in turn 9! THAT was exciting! The day was spent trying to stay warm and getting things adjusted correctly on the new bike.

When I awoke on sunday morning, there was rain happening so I decided to go out for a huge breakfast and then decide what to do. As I ate, The clouds went away and the sun came out so off I went, missing both practice sessions but getting there in plenty of time to take both bikes through tech inspection and attend the rider's meeting.

First race was the Vintage Dinosaurs where I got a miserable start and ended up with 7th place. The next race was the Formula Singles where I got a holeshot and ran with the race leader for the first lap. I netting 4th which was my best place finish in that class to date. I entered 750 Superbike so I could have a bit more practice time on the big bike and earned 7th which was also a best in that class. In 500 Singles, I again chased Danny around grabbing 2nd but this time got to play around with another up and coming rider who recently got a new motor in his Ascot. A past class champion is dusting the cobwebs off his Ascot and will enter the fray in '98 also, which will be welcomed competition for Danny and I. In the Toyota Gold Cup Unlimited Formula 1 Grand Prix, I netted 15th place despite the 33 degree temps and extremely gusty winds. Everyone was slower and all of our times reflected the effects of the cold conditions.

I have secured 2nd place in the 500 Singles Championship and my best estimate putts me 19th or 20th in the WSMC Overall Track Chamionship. I don't know where I stand in Formua Singles, I will confirm my standings when I know for sure. Thanks again for a great race season, I had fun! I will send my race schedule for 1998 once I know what I'm going to be able to do.


Next race at WILLOW SPRINGS INTERNATIONAL RACEWAY is Rnd 1, Jan 17 - 18.

Awards banquet is at The Essex House, friday night (1/17) @ 7:00, Hope to see you there!

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