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DATE: January 16, 2000
REA: WSMC Round #12, 1999 & season wrap-up

Hello all, WOW! Was this an exciting year or what? This report is for the final races of 1999 and boy is it late.... Anyway, this year has been truly fun and I wish to thank ALL of you for your continual help. I couldn't have done it without you!

This month, I thought that my van was repaired and ready to roll so imagine my surprise when I left my house at 4am Sunday and my lights went out within 20 mins... So back home I went and I transferred all of my race gear, tools etc out of the van and into my truck, loaded up my bike into the old trailer and off I went. By the time I got there, I had missed the practice sessions so couldn't try out my new jetting. Turns out I went the wrong way but more on that later...

The powers to be were kind enough to let me go out on the first race warm up lap to scuff in my tires. My first race immediately followed so I felt fortunate at least to not be going out on brand new rubber. The green flag dropped for Formula Singles and off we went. For some reason or another I was first into T9 on that first lap and exiting that turn felt like my motor lost power and I glanced back. Right on my 6 were 5 guys and behind them, everyone else! So, as I look back, the first 5 went by and then a couple others went by entering T1. Man was I pissed! My guess was wrong on the jets and because I didn't get to practice, I had to find out during the race. I settled for a disappointing 8th place.

Second race was 500 singles and I got 10 mins to refuel and change jets. Off we go and I am right with Scott and Carlin, no one is anywhere close behind... I know that I FINALLY got the jetting where it is supposed to be and am real happy but that makes me even more mad about screwing up and missing practice. Oh well, that's racing! I end up taking home 3rd place, my first trophy in quite awhile.

My last race was Lightweight Vintage and I had a blast with my new found power, playing with the track and really racing with the other guys! I netted 5th place and that was 1999! I earned my 3rd place in the 500 championship points race and tied for 3rd in Formula Singles. However, the guy I tied with had more wins in that class so he got the place and I got 4th.... In Lightweight Vintage, I managed to hang onto 4th and once again ended up 19th in the WSMC Overall Championship.

I am real glad that 1999 is over and 2000 is here! My plans are to take a step back from all this and just race the AHRMA races with only select WSMC races scattered throughout the year. I may also race some AFM at Sears Point... Anything but chase championships!

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