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DATE: January 22, 1998

REA: WSMC Round #1 (1/17-18) and "STEVE, DID YOU CHECK YOUR FUEL?" Uhhhh........


I started out the 1998 season running out of gas on the final lap and coasting across the line to finish a disappointing 4th place in the 500 Singles race sunday at Willow Springs International Raceway. What a bummer! I was amazed that I wasn't passed by the entire field while coasting and infact, the 5th place rider didn't know that I had been without power! Later I entered the Formula Singles race and finished 7th, while taking 5th place in the newly created Lightweight Vintage Dinosaurs class.

You can bet that I checked the fuel levels of both bikes more than twice before the other races.... I didn't want to pull another bonehead stunt like that!

Riding my GSX-R750 SuperBike, I netted 32nd place out of 51 racers signed up for WSIR's premier class, the Toyota Cup Unlimited Formula 1 Grand Prix. That race was REAL fun as there were so many guys out practicing for the upcoming AMA National scheduled for mid April. I actually knocked off another second and a half off my fastest lap in that one race! WHEW! Another plus in that race was the fact that my buddy Roger Baker, who is the 1997 500 Superstock Champion finally got his superbike together so we got to race together for the first time after spending most of saturday slaving to get the thing put together......

1998 will again be an interesting year for the Frogman.... WSMC will be running the first Sunday of EACH month and I am committed to making every race. I also plan on racing at the AHRMA events scheduled at Sears Point April 24-26 and Willow Springs May 1-3.

I will again be racing at Willow Springs International Raceway on February 15th. Hope to see you there!


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