DATE: 1 / 20 / 99
REA: WSMC Round #1

Hello all,

Last weekend was the first round for racing at Willow Springs Raceway for 1999. Yea I know, racing in California is truly a year around experience as it seems that I JUST wrapped up the 1998 season!

Saturday night was the WSMC awards banquet at The Essex House in Lancaster and the meal was great! I was presented 2 awards for my 1998 3rd place overall finishes in the 500 Singles and Lightweight Vintage Championships. There was an F4 and CBR900 given away as well as a nice mountain bike, a Toyota T-100 and 2 sets of BATES leathers.... I was in the drawings but didn't score.....

First race is the Lightweight Vintage and on the warmup lap, I start sliding all around and thought my tires were toast. NOT a good thing to experience on the warm up lap.... I have a miserable race and manage to stay in 3rd for the first 3 laps then get passed by Paul and Danny as I started going backwards... I ended up in 5th at the end, unable to catchup to anyone.

Getting ready for the Formula Singles race, I notice oil around my case and check it out to find an oil leak where I've never had one and it looks bad enough to be oiling up my rear tire. I clean up the mess with brakleen and my go out for my warmup lap. I complete it and notice not as much sliding... Could it be? Am I good to go?

YES! My tires were fine, I was slipping in my own oil! So I put my head down and blaze off to finish in 2nd place. I'm full of piss and vinegar now as I was SO disappointed in the first race so when the green flag drops for the 500 Singles race, I am damn sure to put in a valiant effort. I got 2nd in THAT race also!

So, I started off on the reasonably right foot and ended up 26th in the WSMC Overall Points Championship, 2nd in 500 Singles, 2nd in Formula Singles and 5th in Lightweight Vintage. 1999 will be an interesting season for me, stay tuned!


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