DATE: February 16, 1998

REA: WSMC Round # 2(2/14-15)

First off I'd like to welcome AVON TYRES and GALFER Brake Systems as The Frogman's newest sponsors for 1998. These 2 companies have really stepped up to the plate in order to help my race program. I'm really looking forward to working with them this year. THANK YOU!

Hello All! Whew, can you say "El Nin-YO"? Friday night was miserable so I chose to forego sat practice - this was a bummer as I had changed locations of my footpegs on the FT500 and on the Superbike, I had completely rebuilt the front end. I really needed to spend some time and sort things out so they would be "just right" come race day. Saturday it was pouring down rain and I have to thank my friend Melissa Cady for loaning me her enclosed trailer so I could get there dry.

Sunday was REAL cold but dry. Typical Willow Springs ~ there were thunder heads all around the valley all day and we could see the rain, it just never got to us! Did I mention that it was cold? Anyway, first race for me was Formula Singles and I sucked! Nothing felt right and I was cold and couldn't get comfortable on the bike. I still earned 4th place..... Race #2 was the Lightweight Vintage Dinosaurs and I felt a little more at ease after making some adjustments to the controls. Again, I earned 4th in that race. 500 Singles is next and I was ready. I got the holeshot and was first into T1 and then led the first lap and a half. Then here comes Danny out powering me up the straight and 14 yr old Carlin Dunne was in tow. I jumped in line and Larry joined in behind me. The four of us really diced it out for 3 or 4 laps and then we got into traffic. This guy is putting along and hears the freight train coming so he looks over his left shoulder and waves us by. At the same time, the dude abruptly moves right to get outta our way (I guess). Danny and Carlin go squirting up the inside and Larry and I ar stuck behind this guy and all I could do was hit the brakes real hard and not run up his rear. Larry had to do the same to avoid me and it was over - I lost my draft and just couldn't make up any time on the 2 of them. I was relegated to 3rd place by about 75' but up until then, it was the best racing of the day for me.

The last race was the Toyota Cup Unlimited Formula 1 Grand Prix and the track was REAL cold and the wind had picked up. I'm starting in the 3rd row and I get this great start and in T2, I get this front end push and go REAL wide and BAM, I'm in close to last place. I get the thing turned in and get up into The Omega and coming out of T6, I get the HUGE slide. Man, the rear end spun up so quick and the back kicked all the way out to full left lock. I kept the throttle on and somehow, I didn't get high-sided into oblivion. She just snapped back in line and Off I go as the last two riders go squirting out around me. I'm in last place here and it really sucks. A real cold track and a tire that is "off" is NOT where I like to be at the beginning of a 12 lap race.... I am REALLY looking forward to the new Avon "AZARO" radials when they become available.... I ended up with a 21st place finish despite my problems.

NEWS FLASH.... Turn your radio to 1620 on the AM dial and hear the WSMC races live!

Next race is March 14th at Willow Springs International Raceway, hope to see you there, thanks for your support!

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