DATE: March 3, 1999
REA: WSMC Round #2

Hello all, last weekend was pretty darned cold but we had tonnes of fun none the less. I rebuilt the top end last week so I showed up on Saturday for some "practice". I don't really like Saturdays to begin with, I REALLY don't like Saturdays when I have to run in a new motor... Can you say "boring"?

Sunday morning rolled around and after sleeping in my van out in the cold winter desert, my old body was aching and I was wanting my bed. Anyway, I digress. I got my bike through tech and went out on the track for the first practice session of the day. I felt pretty good and seemed to be moving right along as my new motor was dialed and ready to go. Second practice session and I go out but this time, my head is not really into the game and I'm going a click slower.

When I rolled out onto the starting grid for the Lightweight Vintage race, I felt better and got the holeshot when the flag dropped. My motor pushed me right along and it actually carried the front wheel for 5 or 6 seconds. Carlin got around me sometime on the first lap, then Scott got me in T2... I returned the favor into T7 and the cycle repeated itself over the next few laps. White flag lap and I dive inside of Scott into T9 but the guy doesn't give an inch or back off. So we go through T9 side by side about a quarter inch from eachother and we stay just like that all the way up to the start/finish and then my motor just stopped running! I pull in the clutch and raise my arm so I don't get run over and coast around T1 while the rest of the guys blast by me. I pop the clutch, she fires and off I go in last place, with my head down. I just catch up to everyone at the flag.... 7th place is the worst finish have ever gotten I think....

Second race if Formula Singles and off we go, my head still trying to figure out why the motor stopped and I don't get such a great start but am in 2nd behind Carlin when this guy does this hairball pass up the inside entering the short chute in T8. He is on an SRX with slicks and his motor is spewing oil and smoke. Now my brain has fixated on this bozo and I'm not racing the track anymore. Scott goes by and then goes by Mr Bozo and the 2 of them come together in T1! I'm fuming and turn around to see noone close by so I just finish up the race.

Lastly we have the 500 Singles race after a long lunch break. I think about things long and hard but don't really feel "free" of the morning dilemmas. Off we go and my start is much better but I am still going slower than I have all day. Carlin is way out in the lead, Scott goes by and I'm in 3rd until the end of the race. Danny went by but he wasn't racing in my class so not being able to get back by him didn't matter. Some days you just click with the track and/or the bike. Sunday was one of those days.... No big deal. So even with my less than stellar finishes this weekend, I am in 18th overall in the club so I guess that I don't suck all that much! I'm also in 2nd place in both Formula Singles and 500 Singles & 5th in Vintage. CYA at the racetrack March 21st!

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