DATE: March 27, 1999
REA: WSMC Round #3

Hello All! Last weekend was spectacular in that the weather was absolutely beautiful! We didn't have freezing temps, no heat waves, no thunderstorms..... the morning started out sunny with no wind. Everyone was ready for an exceptional day after Saturday's storms.

I showed up early morning, unloaded and got ready to roll. Practice went smoothly and the bike felt real strong. I scuffed in some new tires and readied myself for the races.

Formula Singles stared out fine and I led into the turn one. Carlin got by and then Scott.... they seemed to just leave me and I noticed that I was all alone so I cruised to a 3rd place finish. 500 Singles was interesting in that after our warm up lap when we were lining up, Carlin's petcock broke and gas started gushing all over the place! OOPS! Scott beat me once again and I settled for 2nd place.

My last race was Lightweight Vintage after lunch. I hate sitting around and waiting all day to race! Oh well.... Curtis Adams and Mark Miller put on quite a show in Formula 1 with Curtis getting to the line first on his aging GSX-R1100 against Mark's brand new R-1. Anyway, I digress..... It seems that everyone is getting RD400s and 350s together for this class so now I have to contend with a whole gaggle of 2-smokes. I think that I got lazy or something at the end of that race.... I kinda went backwards after leading the first half of the first lap and ended up 6th at the end...

In WSMC class championship standings, I am currently ranked 2nd in 500 Singles, 3rd in Formula Singles and 4th in the Lightweight Vintage. I also moved back to 24th overall in the WSMC Overall Championship Points Race this weekend.


I'll will be racing again this weekend at the Corsa Mota Classica Willow Springs with the AHRMA National Vintage Series. The following weekend will be regular WSMC races. The weekend after will be the AHRMA SONOMAFEST at Sears Point. Our 24 hours race team is finalized with the riders being Steve Allen, Paul Neilson, and Scott Spears. Stu Knigge has voiced his intention but has not yet committed. We will be competing on a YZF 600 for this torture test. if you have any YZF 600 spares that you could commit to this race, please let me know. (If we break it, we will buy it....)


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