DATE: April 12, 1999 WSMC Round #4

Hello all, Can you say "April Showers"? I knew that you could...

I heard RAIN was in the forecast so I thought to myself, "Self, just go out on Sunday and open up a can of Wup-Ass, I love the rain!" So I did. Yes it is true that I did win one of the races because I was the only one still on 2 wheels when it came time to throw the checkers. But hey! It's not always who can ride the fastest, but who has the best control and can be SMOOTH, especially when it is raining on race day....

I get to Willow Springs early Sunday morning. The drive was clear but as I got closer to the track, dark skies loomed. I noticed that when I got there, the blue had completely turned to grey so I hussled to unload and get through tech etc so that I could get out in the first practice session of the day. You see, I had spooned on a new set of AVON Tyres and really wanted to get out and scuff them in on a dry track. Getting stuck out in the rain on brand new Tyres is like suicide I figured..... No problem. Second practice session and the rain was coming down ~ hard! I have had lots of experience in the rain on 2 wheels so it really doesn't freak me out. You have to be REAL smooth and try to keep the bike upright through the corners. That means you also have to lean WAY off the bike to do so. Not really my style but a guys gotta do what a guys gotta do!

First race of the day is 500 Singles. Carlin had previously crashed out and the other guys elected to stay home and knit I guess. Anyway, It is just me, Scott and Paul. The rain had stopped but the track was still very wet. The green flag drops and off we go. I lead into T1 and Scott scoots by me in T2 and Paul is right on my tail. As we go through The Omega, I'm thinking that Scott wants to be out in front WAY too much and is gonna crash.... He takes himself out on the next lap in T5. I inherit the lead and a couple of laps later notice Paul out in the dirt in the same corner! OUCH! Oh well, I'll take what I can get so I simply finish the race for the win.

Second race is the Lightweight Vintage and it is drizzling slightly. I get the holeshot and lead up to the white flag lap. As I crest T6, I catch up to a lapper from a different class and when he hears me, he turns around to look and takes my line away! Now I'm off the gas and lose my drive in the most important part of the track. As he goes wide for T8, I scoot up the inside but it's too damn late. I get around him, but Clinton on his RD350 has a good head of steam and easily smokes me to the line so I get relegated to second place. <whine mode on> RATS! That race was mine! <whine mode off>

It's lunch time and I gotta wait around for a couple of hours for my last race. Good time to walk around in the rain and chat with the other loonies.... (Oh yeah, Scott crashed again in Vintage.... Both he and Paul are just fine) They finally call for the Formula Singles race and it is just me and Paul. They started us 5 rows behind the FZR400 crowd (550 Superbike) but in the same wave. Anyhow, we go green and I pass everyone except one guy from 550 Superbike B-4 T1 and merrily follow him around in the pouring rain for the duration. My first win in Formula Singles. I love the rain! Wah HOO!

I'm racing again this weekend at Sears Point with the AHRMA national vintage series.  Should be fun!

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