DATE: May 19, 1997

REA: WSMC Round #5 (5/17-18 ) and "Closer to victory yet again...."

First off I'd like to welcome VIEWPOINT PHOTOGRAPHY to the Frogman Racing Organization. They are the official photographers for WSIR and they can be reached at (619)299-6277 or <>.

Howdy folks, this weekend was a REAL fun one again for me. Saturday was extremely hot and I really didn't feel like riding but.... Took both bikes out for alternating practices and tried to stay hydrated. No wind and not too many other racers to get in my way. Sunday I woke up tired and sore so when I got out to the track, I only did 2 practice sessions (unstead of 4) one on each bike. First race was the vintage thang and I got a decent start and managed to nab 6th place, ahead of both my 500cc rivals. Race #2 was Formula Singles and I again managed to stay ahead of both Kenny and Danny to get 5th. So, I'm thinkin to myself that the next race may see Danny's victory record disappear and really knew that Kenny was dust and at least 2nd was mine and victory was probable.

The flag drops in the 500 Singles race and Danny is out front until turn 1 exit and I draft by. I managed to stay ahead for the next 2 laps and then Danny drafted by out of T6. I slung to the inside in T9 and he retook the lead at the start/finish line. I again retook the lead exiting T1 and ..... you get the picture. It was this great elbow to elbow thing until I'm going around on the outside (T6) and he decides to exit WAY wide and puts me out in the dirt for a little soil sampling. This kinda thing can really mess with a guys concentration. Almost as quick as I was off, I was back on, but it took me just a nano-second to get my composure and put my head down and he was GONE by then. Race is over - I couldn't catch back up even though he was only about 125 feet ahead. I got my 2nd place and again a great race with my times on the ASCOT again dropping to 41's. Last race of the day is Formula 1 and I managed to not crash (as 7 in the field did) and earned 13th and another ticket for the drawing to win a new CBR900RR.

By the way, I'm 3rd in the 500 Singles Championship and 29th overall in the club after last month.






Vintage Dinosaurs



8th (?)

Formula Singles



7th (?)

500 Singles




Toyota Gold Cup Unlimited Formula 1




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