DATE: May 27, 1998

REA: WSMC Round #5, 1998 and "Mechanical DNS really sucks!"


Hello friends! I can finally rest after all the racing that has been happening lately! Anyway, this is going to be brief as I really have some not-so-good news........

Last weekend I took my brand new motor to WSIR and found out that I had installed the harmonic balancer 180 deg off and the motor had such a vibration that all kinds of things started breaking and working loose! I spend the entire saturday practice doing 1 lap, then coming in and trying to figure things out ~ repeat!  MAN it was frustrating!

Anyway, I decided to forego sunday's races so that I wouldn't damage things furthur and stayed to help out other racers. Have tools, will travel..... It was fun to get the guys back out on the track that could be even though I was absolutely SICK with envy and knew that my precious points were going down the tube with each lap......

I came home and pulled the motor apart and got it running again and it seems to really be fast! I was VERY lucky not to destroy anything so next month I hope to make up some serious points. The season isn't over till it's over as they say and I STILL plan to pull off the championship in the 500 Singles class....

The following is where I fell back to by not racing last weekend...

OVERALL ~ 21st

500 Singles ~ 5th

Formula Singles ~ 5th

Lightweight Vintage ~ 4th

Formula 1 ~ 33rd (tied)

Overall I feel like aI made some real good progress on my own personal development racing at Sears Point and Willow Springs in AHRMA and the regular WSMC rounds these last 2 months. I look forward to victory at WSIR in June.  Stay tuned and I'll CYA L8R!

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