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DATE: May 16, 1999 WSMC Round #5

This weekend SUCKED!  My motor was cutting out on the first practice session, then it started making clicking noises....  I came in and couldn't find anything obvious.  I went back out on the second practice session and then promptly came back in and had another looky-see with Danny Farnsworth...  Again, I go back out but this time......

I hadn't even entered the track and was luckily was only going about 20 mph when the motor dies then fires back up then  BUHHHhhhhhhWhaaakitykitykitykitykity kity kity........  I pulled in the clutch right as I first heard the noise and pulled in, my day was over.

Points leads went away, 15th overall fell back to 23rd.... whahhh.....   Oh well, THAT'S RACING!

The good news is that the damage is apparently confined to the top end only...  Parts are on order and I will be back in June, CYA there!

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