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DATE: 6/29/99
REA: WSMC Round #6

Hello everyone! Sorry for the delay but things are getting rather hectic around here again... I didn't send out a note last month because I was so disgusted about blowing up my motor, but I guess that you didn't know that. Well, she let go as i entered the track first race and the whole thing was trash. So.... it took a ton of time to gather parts and build up another one.

Two weekends ago I actually got to race after doing a very brief break-in on Saturday. MAN was it HOT! I felt that the motor didn't really ever cool down so I only got in 3 sessions. Sunday comes around and hot it was once more. I went out hoping that the motor would loosen up a bit more as it was kinda slow etc. Oh well. Each race I went about 2 seconds per lap faster as the motor began to run more freely.

In the 500 Singles race, I had a rather uneventful time and only could manage 3rd place without too much work. The next race was Lightweight Vintage and I got into a REAL good dice with Larry Cochran throughout the entire race! He has been racing forever but has been having dismal luck getting his motor to run right for the last year it seems. Let me tell you, he did something right as we were side by side through many of the corners. Anyway, he got me by about a quarter of an inch at the line and so I was relegated back to 6th place. The last race was Formula Singles and once more, Larry and I got into a real duel throughout the race. My motor was still loosening up and I was going faster than last race.... but so was Larry! He couldn't' show me a wheel on the last lap and I beat him by a decent margin for 5th place.

Overall I am now in 24th place, 2nd in 500 Singles, 3rd in Formula Singles and 4th in Lightweight Vintage. Not bad, but not exactly where I want to be. Next month is a double points race weekend so I will make up some points that I didn't get last month with the DNS. That race is scheduled for 7/17-18 and probably will be nice a toasty once more...

Lastly, I have formed a team to compete in the upcoming WERA 24 hour Motorcycle Endurance Race at Willow Springs on September 26-27 aboard a YZF-600 . More information is available by calling me at 534-9110 or by going to for my team's official website. I built that site up so if you see anything that needs help, please give me a call or shoot me an email.... (I am building websites and selling internet access if you know anyone who needs some assistance...)


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