DATE: July 23, 1998

REA: WSMC Round #7 (7/18-19) and "the dessert in July can be..... warm"

Steve Allen gets 2 podium finishes at Willow Springs

Hi all!

MAN the dessert can be HOT in July..... I needed to do some more tweaking on my new motor so off I went last Friday to attend FASTRACK RIDERS. Man is that a trip. They let ANYONE go out there and run around the race track like they know what they're doing after taking their "school" and joining their "club". Anyway, I have won 2 free days with them and decided to use one of the certificates. I got to play around with more jetting changes and the motor is STILL making improvements so I feel that I still have some more to go.

Anyway, Saturday was promising to be WAY hotter by 6:30am, so I stayed in the air conditioned hotel room all day and watched movies and ate/drank (iced tea) like a pig. VERY wise move. Sunday was overcast and slightly cooler in the AM and I felt ready to go kick some collective booty.

I practiced only once to scuff in my new tires and loosen up. The 500 Singles race was first off for me and I get my usual killer start and lead into T1. I did however get a slight wheelie (NOT good) off the line and that slowed me down a bit. I have a brand new clutch in there after last months bummer & am not quite used to it. Anyhow, off I go and lead the first 2 laps and them coming out of T9, Carlin gets this killer drive on me and off he goes! I put my head down and can only keep him in sight so end up a close 2nd with Paul right on my heals. A short break and it's time for Formula Singles action. I am 2nd into T1 and hold onto it for 3 laps B-4 Larry on his Supermono goes blasting by about halfway up the start/finish straight. Then Carlin goes by, man am I getting tired.....

3 hour break and it's time for Lightweight Vintage Dinosaurs. I am really pumped up and ready to go for this race. I am well hydrated and have been relaxing in an air conditioned mobile home thing... The green flag drops and I get this greater than usual start and have my head glued down to the tank. I'm full throttle up the gears and don't get off the gas until I get to T3.... The track and me are one once more, T2 even starts to feel vaguely familiar and noone is challenging. Lap 5 and Dobson passes me at the end of the straight on his RD350 followed by Beecher a lap later. We are all on eachother but noone is making any ground so that is how it ended. Another podium finish doesn't suck too bad I guess....

I am currently ranked 3rd in 500 Singles, 4th in Lightweight Vintage, 5th in Formula Singles & moved up to 16th in the WSMC Overall Points Championship. Next race again at Willow Springs August 15-16.

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