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DATE: 8/8/99
REA: WSMC Round #7, 1999

Hello all, agin I have delayed getting this out to you but for real good reason.... Here is your hint for the day; Her father told me that I could and then she said "I'd love to..."

That's right kiddies, I am now engaged to be married officially... I went up to Toronto, Ontario to talk to my future wife's father and ask him if I could marry his daughter. I just got back after being up there for a week (We were in the tunnel behind Niagra Falls when I gave Efthalia her ring).

Anyways, back to racing! First race for me was Lightweight Vintage. Remember that last month I really didn't get my motor broken in completely so this weekend I was hoping to get her going and make up some points. Vintage was pretty much uneventful even though the first couple of laps were really enjoyable after getting such a crappy start! All I could muster was 6th place.

Second race was 500 Singles so I really needed to finish better. Since we are using a different combination in my motor, the jetting is off and i decided to play around with it changing the mains. My motor pulled better and I ended up 3rd after a nice dice with Larry. I am still disappointed that I don't have the motor to be first into T1 like I'm used to... Anyways, life goes on!

I decide to lean out the needle and off we go in the Formula Singles race! My start is still crappy which means I have to work harder from the get-go. Scott, Carlin and Kevin are not too far ahead but I couldn't quite make the jump to get into anything with them. My motor is running a bit better and is seems that with some more jetting work, it will continue to improve.

Next race is 8/15/99 at Willow Springs. Hope to see you there! The 24 hr Endurance race is coming up next month and we are about ready with our bike etc.



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