DATE: August 19, 1997

REA: WSMC Round #8(8/16-17)

First of all I'd like to welcome WHITE LIGHTNING to the Frogman Racing family..... WELCOME! This Weekend was a blast AGAIN! I skipped sat practice to get some much needed rest again and arrived sat night late, slept on the pit and woke up REAL rested and ready for RACING! I practiced both rotations on both bikes and really felt good. First race of the day was Formula Singles and I got a 6th place with not too much effort or real fun. Race #2 was the 500 Singles and Dazzling Danny Farnsworth was up to his old tricks for sure! I was first into T1 and he passed me exiting. I blazed around him in T2 on the outside and we were literally leaning on each other all the way around. I prevailed but he stuffed me into T3 and after going neck to neck through that corner I stuffed him right back into T4..... The whole race went like that! We really had fun out in the south 40 as the T6-9 combo saw us draft/counter drafting each other with me always in front out of T9.... Lap 5 and we got a red flag while up in The Omega and the race was in the history books. Danny got the official 1st place as HE was ahead (by about a quarter of an inch) on the proceeding lap when we crossed the line. Oh well, 2nd doesn't suck TOO bad, it's just going to be that much more important that I beat him next month (double points) and each remaining round to win the championship...

Race #3 was the Vintage Dinosaurs and I was the only bike under 1000cc's out there. Man, what a bunch of pigs those old bikes are. They have all this power then can't/won't lean 'em over around the turns.... This big pack takes off and I'm in the back, cool, as I figure I have a bunch of guys that I get to pass.... Anyway, got up to 7th place at the line. Danny sat this one out as he "had to conserve his equipment". Uhhh.... Danny, WORRIED are ya? Waited till the end of the day for the main event, the Toyota Gold Cup Formula One Grand Prix. Got a great start and managed an 8th place for my efforts. This is my best placing in this premier class and I earned a place in the drawing for the new Toyota pick up to be awarded at the end of the year! Lots of FUN! I entered this round having moved up to 20th place in the WSMC Overall Championship Points Standings. I am still in 2nd place in 500 Singles and I believe that I moved back up to 5th in Formula Singles. I will update my web page as soon as I know for sure.

I am racing THIS WEEKEND at Sears Point up in Northern Ca, at the AHRMA national vintage race series. Should be fun and I know that the #1 plate holder will be out for revenge after beating him at the Willow Springs AHRMA round! CYA L8R!














Next race at WILLOW SPRINGS INTERNATIONAL RACEWAY is Round 9, 9/20-21.

Hope to see you there! Thanks for your time.

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