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DATE: September 29, 1999
REA: WSMC Round #8, 1999

Hello all, VERY late report for sure.... This and the sept reports had to be postphoned because of my involvement in the WERA 24 hr National Endurance race as part of Waveline Motorsports. That report will be up soon I'm sure.

Anyhow, the weekend was pretty fun as our endurance team brought out the YZF600 for the first time on friday to see how it would run and handle. GMD Computrack had really changed things for us and noone had any experience on this particular bike.... Friday we felt extremely imporant because we got to ride whenever we wanted as Tom Sera (Fastrack Riders) is another one of our sponsors. The bike was really a handfull in the morning but we kept tweaking it bit by bit and by the endof the day, it was beginning to come around.

OK, lets talk about racing. Saturday practice was pretty much the same thing as friday except that I decided that I didn't really feel like riding so I didn't. It's nice to finally start to listen to that little voice when it starts to squeal! Sunday came around and I felt good, but the bike didn't. It wouldn't rev very high at all and felt as though a certain RPM would be attained then the engine would simply decide to go no further. VERY bad when you race to win.

So I get out in the 500 Singles race and get into a pretty nice dice with Larry but couldn't keep it up so 4th place is where I ended up. Formula Singles was pretty much uneventful and I just ran around by myself ending up a lonely 5th. Lastly, Lightweight Vintage was a complete disaster because I was so pissed off and my brain was fried. I finished off in 8th place which is the farthest back I have EVER placed.... I actually felt lucky that I didn't get last.

I have problems and need to find out why the motor isn't going for me. You know, I just did a fresh top end after last month's crappy showing, I guess that I neglected to test out all of the electrical etc because that is where I think the problem is...


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