Voice: (805)534 - 9110
DATE: September 29, 1999
REA: WSMC Round #9, 1999

Hello all, OK, first off I gotta tell you that the week before race weekend, a car pulled out in front of me while I was riding my bicycle. I ended up with a sprained ankle, right wrist, left knee and a stiff neck. My wrist was so swollen and bruised up that I was REALLY scared that I might have broken it again.... After X-rays, nothing was found to be broken. But, I'm sure that you can imagine how MY race weekend went.

I skipped Friday's endurance practice on the YZF, skipped saturday practice and showed up late for sunday's races. I figured just one practice session to scrub in new tires and then the 3 races I could handle. Well, the 500 Singles race was pretty much a drag because I was right behind the lead group but couldn't get up anywhere close enough to play. I ended up 4th once again. Next came Formula Singles and once again, Steve couldn't get close enough to play and I went backwards to 6th for the flag. When I got back to my pit, I noticed my knee was about twice normal size ~ not good.

I sat and iced my knee and wrist. I thought good thoughts about happy places. I visualized myself kicking ass and winning races but the reality was that in Lightweight Vintage, I ended up 8th place once again! I got beaten by a guy that I have never even noticed on the racetrack before! This time, my problems were more physical than mechanical. 3 months to go in this season, there is still time to pull things off. Anyways, I'm not THAT far back!

I currently sit 22nd overall, 3rd in 500 and Formula Singles and 5th in Lightweight Vintage. My next race is scheduled for October 16-17. Hope to see you there!


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